Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hidden Away Gem

Hidden Away Gem is the first painting that has gotten two very nice comments in the same day. I feel progress is being made. Sometimes you just have to let go and explore. I learned that from Jennifer Marine, whom I took a Webinar with a few days ago. She was speaking of being inquisitive and not afraid to push buttons to see what happens. Lord knows I've done that enough in real time however, she was talking about building our blogs and working on facebook. So, this also applies to life and art. Let go, let that paint fly and enjoy. Watch out, cause I'm still going after your button.


  1. Love it, Blanche! And you're so right! That attitude can apply to anything creative in life, whether it's art, writing or whatever.

    Love this image above.... Very peaceful.

  2. serene, but I also feel the power of the river rounding the curve...the left side could be a rock wall pushing back at the river. bravo.
    and hey check out