Saturday, July 29, 2017

Two Pairs

Trying new ways to do Still Life paintings. Sometimes you have to just let go and let a new technique take over. Not sure if I went over  board on this or not but it kept me busy for quite a while today. I'll see where stronger colors take me.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July

I hope your day is as peaceful as I tried conveying in this painting. A few years ago I had a friend living on a farm in Sultan, WA. What an ideal place to paint and just get back to nature. Unfortunately, after one of the big floods, the owners gave up the property. I'm glad I had a chance to visit, paint, take photo's and sketch before this all happened. So, if you see something you think you might want to paint, do it now, the opportunity could pass you by. That was a good lesson for me not that I always follow my own advise. So, what are your words of wisdom for today? One more thing, this painting won the Kenmore Camera award in the PNW Summer Show at Tsuga Gallery in Bothell WA this past Saturday. Yep, I was surprised!