Saturday, July 19, 2014

Say what?

Actually, I do paint more than just landscapes although I must admit they are a favorite. Several weeks ago, I came across some photo's I took at rendezvous where period costumes of mountain men were worn. A most impressive lot to say the least however, when I asked if I could take pictures to paint I got huge smiles which I didn't need. Catching them off guard became a new art form. It was a fun day and many pic's to jog my memory. I will post more in the future. So, what have you done this week?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Working towards...

The darks at the bottom came out way too dark on the photo however the goal was cleaner color and  to depict atmosphere. Getting a painting done is one thing but getting distance and interest back there is another. This is my newest quest and must say having fun with  the process and color. Where is your newest interest taking you? Of course I want to know. Drop me a line, I promise to keep it just between the two of us.