Friday, December 27, 2013

Fall City

A few years ago I took a workshop in Fall City. The area is south of Seattle and still has beautiful farmlands. I painted this little guy while sitting in the studio, looking out of the window. It was the only good view I had of these two flower pots. I am updating a few paintings just to refresh them and add a little of the brushwork I didn't possess back then. This is a fun project right now. Think I should have a series of "Now An Then", sounds like a soap opera right?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's really me!

This is a test run but I think  posting with my iPad is going to help me get paintings here more often. Where is this and what in the devil am I doing you ask? Well, I am one of the hundreds of clowns that wave to you in the Macy's Day parade during the Thanksgiving holidays. Top photo is waiting for our group to move in line and the second is a self portrait. The parade route is in downtown Seattle and I learned after  my first parade most of it was walking uphill. I did not participate this year  because of a bad knee but hope to be there next year with bells on...literally! How was your holiday? Christmas is closing in on us fast followed my New Years. Again I ask the age old question where has the year gone?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rain Clouds

I am very fortunate to just open my eyes in the morning and I'm looking at a similar scene.  We are on Lake Washington and the cloud patterns are never the same. Getting them into painting series is a project waiting to happen. Do you have creative things you look at and say, one of these days! I think our time has come to do it. I now have a little camera that takes little time correcting and adding to iPhoto and then into my blog. Ah, Julie, I can hear you say "it's about time," smiles.

The word "time" was used quite a bit in the last paragraph and that's what we need to do. Take a little of it, start our work and wonderful creative results will follow. I take a painting class once a week because I love being a student regardless of doing demos and teaching. You always have room to learn something new.

Pep talk done? Check.
Ready to start painting? Check
Turning off the computer and pick up the brush? Check and click.