Saturday, August 17, 2013

Path to learning

This painting is 8x10 done on site in LaConner. This was the second one completed after the trees. I just turned slightly to my left and there was the path with beautiful flowers.My goal was to use my palette knife and limit the strokes. Sometimes we're a little too safe with our work which doesn't make for growth. Today's message is, find something you feel you will absolutely fail at and do it! Enjoy the process and be surprised at what you learn. Amazing what you can learn from yourself.

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's about time!

Wow, have I ever been missing in the posting department. Doesn't mean I haven't looked any of the delightful posts received, I look forward to every one. So, after upgrading my Mac and added a new camera I was in trouble. Both were strangers. I hope now, I'll be back on a schedule taking photo's and posting with the best of them. (Except Julie Ford Oliver) She's the best, just take a look at her blog.

I did this little 8x10 en plein air in LaConner a few weeks ago. This was the Wash. State hunting and fishing area and a quiet place to work. It was a beautiful day to be out painting with best friends. Life is good.