Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rain Clouds

I am very fortunate to just open my eyes in the morning and I'm looking at a similar scene.  We are on Lake Washington and the cloud patterns are never the same. Getting them into painting series is a project waiting to happen. Do you have creative things you look at and say, one of these days! I think our time has come to do it. I now have a little camera that takes little time correcting and adding to iPhoto and then into my blog. Ah, Julie, I can hear you say "it's about time," smiles.

The word "time" was used quite a bit in the last paragraph and that's what we need to do. Take a little of it, start our work and wonderful creative results will follow. I take a painting class once a week because I love being a student regardless of doing demos and teaching. You always have room to learn something new.

Pep talk done? Check.
Ready to start painting? Check
Turning off the computer and pick up the brush? Check and click.


  1. Have no idea how I missed these posts.;
    This is an interesting one. First, I like the distance in your sky and the waves. Such a feeling of similarity between water and sky.reflections and movement.
    Second - I agree with you...I love still learning new things.

  2. Have no idea how the semicolon got there...