Saturday, July 19, 2014

Say what?

Actually, I do paint more than just landscapes although I must admit they are a favorite. Several weeks ago, I came across some photo's I took at rendezvous where period costumes of mountain men were worn. A most impressive lot to say the least however, when I asked if I could take pictures to paint I got huge smiles which I didn't need. Catching them off guard became a new art form. It was a fun day and many pic's to jog my memory. I will post more in the future. So, what have you done this week?


  1. Sorry you think it's terrible. I was enjoying it thinking how well you captured his stance ...also love the way you painted his shirt.
    PS I love color!

  2. Thank you Julie, it's the coloration I don't like. It is a little more muted than on the blog. Just finished taking a abstract workshop and I do love color and getting away from fine detail.