Sunday, February 7, 2016


Well, this completes albeit late, my thirty painting in thirty days. As I've mentioned before, December and the early part of January were not kind to my husband health wise but he is doing much better now. I was determined to finish my paintings, learn from the experience and enjoy the process. All were accomplished. If this is a down side it's ok, found a box with about thirty five small canvases all ready to be painted. I don't think I will continue a painting a day but I'll try to come close because I plan on working a little larger which is more time consuming. So, what's your latest discovery?


  1. I really like this and the one before it. Congrats at finishing the Challenge.
    I will look forward to knowing if painting larger takes more time because I find that larger is much easier and takes less time than the small ones.

  2. You are probably correct when I think about it Julie. Just happy to be painting on a regular basis again. Your blog is my inspiration.