Monday, May 15, 2017

Bonnie Marie 1997-2017

I think I'm writing this for me. This is Bonnie Marie, Miss Bonnie as he called me or sometimes I was referred to as "you special thing" don't know where that came from. We didn't find out Bonnie was a boy until he had been with us for about three years so the name stuck. He arrived at our house at 10 weeks and was quite a little character. One of his favorite pastimes was pulling clothes partially through the holes in the clothes basket, it took quite a while before I figured out he was also chewing little holes in those items. Another was muttering, "I'm just sure" as he watched the birds outside. There are so many little stories I had better keep them as memories rather than bore you and loose my audience. So, thanks for being here and listening.

He was special and has created a big hole in my heart. I will miss my little guy.


  1. Oh NOOOOOO. I am truly sorry for your sad, sad loss. I treasure the beautiful Bonnie feathers you sent me.
    The hole in your heart is understandable. Only when we love completely do we experience it.
    Sending my love and sympathy, dear, Blanche.

  2. Julie, you've made my Thursday morning, both tears and smiles. Thank you.