Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Visit To Jackson Hole

I like this painting for many reason's. First, it brought back memories of a wonderful workshop with Jim Wilcox. Second, a conscience effort of less is more started to make sense. I worked with a palette knife to stop myself from all those unnecessary extras which added nothing to the painting. Painting en plain air started to be more fun and the brushes moved faster. It was just a good day for me. So, tell me about your painting experience on a fun day. I'm waiting to hear all about it.


  1. Lucky you taking with Jim Wilcox. I stayed at the Lodge and painted every day in all weather conditions...then went on to Yellowstone. All amazing experiences.
    I love your pink bushes. Salt Cedar?

    1. Another artist and I stayed at the Lodge also. The weather does change quite fast doesn't it? We are use to just rain here in the NW. Salt Cedar? Not sure.