Monday, September 23, 2013

Hi, I'm Bonnie

I read Julie Ford Oliver's blog without fail, it starts my day along with my coffee. This morning, I had to laugh, she is starting a series on feathers. We have a bunch of living feathers giving commands and being demanding. You never know when a painting is right under your nose. We, in the art world just have to be observant. Lesson learned!

Bonnie Marie is a seventeen year old Pionus Parrot we were told was a girl. It was three or four years later when we found out "he" was a boy but the name stuck. We've had him or should I say he has had us since he was 10 weeks old. Might I say he has trained us well. So, thank you Julie, I look forward to this new series with a smile.


  1. And I burst out laughing at your post.
    I adore the name - great play on words.
    And I am thinking...oh boy - colored feathers!
    May I send you my address so you could pop any spares into an envelope?

  2. I would love to share or should I say Miss Bonnie would be proud. By the way, I'm also called Miss Bonnie and told to step up in the morning while he lifts his little foot to be picked up.

  3. Julie, should have given my e-mail.