Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pochade 5x7

This is my little pochade box I sometimes use painting plain air. I thought this would be handy when out alone and not sure of the area. Safety should always be the first concern. My second concern is being left handed. I usually find the best things to paint on the drivers side of the car where I also forget and hit the side of the door and drop the brush. This brings forth words I've heard over the years from Longshore men, construction workers, etc. you get the picture. Sitting in the car is a commitment and a challenge when trying to create a painting. So, here is a quick study of my little frustration. It looks so innocent. Are you having a good day?


  1. I see you paint with a limited palette. Is your green mixed or tube? It looks mixed in the painting.
    This is fun and I love the texture.
    The feathers arrived tonight. Oh MY!
    Fabulous. Thank you both so much.

  2. The feathers are, beautiful and the owner quite bossy! I use a variety of greens. My favorite is Ivory Blk/ Cad Yel Lt. and any other yellow combination. Not as raw as just one of the tube greens.

  3. I love the same combo of cad yellow and black. I have been trying to get away from using any of the cadmium colors and at the moment am using the Permanent yellows