Saturday, February 15, 2014


A few years ago, I went on a fly fishing trip on the Yakima River. I was among the cancer survivor's granted this trip for a fun filled day with a group of wonderful women. Two women to a boat along with a guide who volunteered. Quite a few boats and many stories. This man was a hero who volunteered and survived women who knew nothing  of his beloved sport. Seeing this painting I did brought back memories of patience, strength (getting our boat over a log) and most important, his calm after almost having his sunglasses hooked, almost loosing his cap and finally his quiet while getting me untangled. That would be one foot, leg and finger while a very strong fish was on the line pulling very hard and me yelling. Painting can remind us of many things and this one for me was our guide, the survivor !


  1. What beautiful colors - love the mauve sades in with the greens.
    Quite a story you related. I was moved to tears and ended up laughing about you and the very strong fish!
    Yes - quite a story from quite a fabulous lady!

  2. Thank you Julie, you are a delight in my book and I value your comments.