Saturday, February 8, 2014

Red Truck

Well, the first week of February…gone!

Geez, I hate to get started whining about time flying but I guess that means pay more attention to my art work and be productive. This little painting 9x12 sat here looking very sad and plain. Sometimes, as the saying goes, a little dab will do ya. No, I really don't know where the saying comes from but for me, it meant add something somewhere so, here's a little red truck. The painting looks more alive and happy. So, think we should change a little something in our lives to spark it up. Your choice. Try it and see what happens and again, I ask, send me a note and let me know what happens. It doesn't take much. By the way, I am still coming down from the high of our SEAHAWKS last Sunday. What a week for Seattle!


  1. What a great painting Blanche. I especially like your painterly technique and colors.
    Seahawks? All I know is that my avid Bronco fan of a husband has been in a deep funk since the game.
    Glad to know it worked out great for you!

  2. Oh dear! A Bronco fan in the family? My condolences to hubby and tell him I can relate. My first team is the Steelers and when they took the Superbowl from Seattle a few years ago I didn't know how to feel. Love Pgh. but was sorry for my adopted city also. Thanks for the kind words on the painting.