Friday, January 31, 2014

A little nip and tuck!

On the top right, you can see I started corrections and almost forgot to take the "before photo." Well that certainly took a different turn from the start didn't it? This is one of those cases where you are out painting and think, hot dang, this isn't bad. You get home and take a second look and wonder who stole your original work.

Sometimes life is like this little painting. You're walking with your head held high, enjoying the day and fall into a pothole. You just pick up and move on. Lesson learned here is to really look at that sky and composition before diving into those beautiful colors. I'm off to my next painting…what are you going to do? Elsa, Jennifer, Annegirl, Christine, Katy? Additional names to follow.


  1. You always make me laugh, Blanche. I relate to the ,hot dang, this isn't bad. theory.
    Love your painting - both ways. It has wonderful life and it has the atmosphere of the place in both of them. That is what plein air painting is all about.
    Love all that paint on your palette. Wish I could get my buddies in class to put that much out.

  2. Julie, your comments are always appreciated, thank you. I did teach for a while and I would squirt out my paint on palettes. The girls got a little embarrassed using all my paint and started adding more of their own to their palettes. Expensive but got the point across,smiles.