Friday, January 10, 2014

Clouds from my window

When we are not in the middle of gray and rain here in Seattle, we have the most beautiful cloud structures. I open my eyes in the morning and the first thing I see is sky, water and trees. Nice huh? My thoughts are always, that would make a very nice little painting. Well, while I haven't exactly made New Year resolutions, one of my goals is to do more paintings with clouds. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, what are you going to do? Drop me a line and fill me in.


  1. You captured the atmosphere so beautifully. WHAT A VIEW!
    I am also lucky to wake up to a beautiful view but perhaps we should trade my mountains and desert for your water view at least once in our lifetime..
    Clouds/Skies are a beautiful things to paint aren't they? During the month of October I painted loads of them as it was our last chance of having them usually as we go into the cloudless skies of Nov - March.This year was different as we actually had rainy days before Christmas. Back to blue skies and sunny days since..

  2. Good Evening Julie and thank you for your kind words about my painting. Yes, we are both lucky to have such wonderful views. I do love the clouds which change every few minutes. A cloud series may be in my future and trading views would be fun!

  3. The sky is the star here. I like how you arranged the predominance of sky compared to land. Great composition and nice color shift in the clouds!

  4. Thank you Kaethe, for your remarks. I love cloud structures and they are a challenge for me but as I keep painting, they seem to be less of a problem. Guess you really have to keep those brushes wet!