Friday, January 17, 2014

Oops! Off with MY, head.

I really got enthused about correcting a painting and giving it a new life. Problem was I forgot to take the photo of the old one until I was almost finished. Let me tell you what I did so you have an idea where this poor puppy was. Added the blue gray trees at the top, I had a road up there, dumb idea, then I brighten the trees middle ground and put additional color and made the foreground have visible brushstrokes. Originally, it looked like a cemetery plot for sale. Honestly! Next goal is photo's before new life. So, what are you doing with your time this week?


  1. I laughed at the title...then at the cemetery quip!
    Wish I could have seen a before pic so I could get the idea of the change but I love the cool colored back trees vibrating next to the warm ones. The white horses added a neat story.

  2. Good afternoon Julie, sorry I didn't get the before picture also, I'll look through some old photo's and maybe have one. Trust me, there was more than one thought process going on. Sometimes, my ideas go a little of path and have be be reigned in.