Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 29 and the error of rushing!

I know the drill, I have 28 days of posting to this blog under my belt and thought I'd whip through this post before dashing out of the door for an appointment. So doing, hit delete instead of enter and lost the post, picture and text. Please use the word of your choice of what you think I said and you're probably right, sigh. I'll do better tomorrow, promise. How was your day?


  1. Poor Blanche.Delete! Done it myself so true understanding coming your way.
    Congratulations of finishing the challenge. A remarkable body of work was produced and you should be proud of yourself.

  2. Thank you Julie, it's a nice way to start the year with an accomplishment under your belt. Now onward I say! First, I must go for my cup of tea.