Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Always curious

I must say when Julie Ford Oliver started talking about a limited palette of Ned Jacobs it was intriguing. After seeing Julie's work I became interested. Previous limited palette's seems dull by comparison  so after reading Julie's blog and seeing her output, (her work is beautiful, check it out) I thought, this I must try! As usual, I had to add my own twist. Couldn't find my viridian so used Phalo Green which I really like. These little dabs of paint won't mean much to most but I shall now work on a painting with just these colors. Ok, I think the original palette has less colors but this is my version.


  1. Nice work, Blanche. Good for you!
    (Thanks for the nice complement)
    Have to let you know that no tube green in on the Ned Jacobs palette...they are all mixed from the blue and yellow and the olive greens from black and yellow.
    That is the idea of a limited palette - to create total harmony because everything has mixture of the other colors in it. So, you mix the colors and place them on the top between the colors out of the tube - ready to paint.

  2. Hi Julie, I know Ned Jacobs palette doesn't have green but I just love Phalo Grn and Alizarin. Just had to add it to make it my own version. I have also used the Zorn Palette which really makes you stretch. OK, I'll remove the green.