Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blue/Grey Road

These are the color I woke up to this morning. Sorta blue and grey and rain. After a delightful Sunday breakfast...ok no church, watching important game at 10:00, I decided to post this painting. It matches the weather in color and also reminds me of the Seahawk colors but way more subdued. Hoping for a clear day, a little sunshine in the weather and, game. Go SEAHAWKS!


  1. I always like your landscapes but loved your description...sorta blue...
    Sorry about the Seahawks!
    My hubby is a huge Bronco fan and we had a happy face at supper tonight.

  2. Well to add insult to injury...I also love the Pittsburgh Steelers my home team and they also lost. But I am happy you were all smiles. Maybe next year, sigh.