Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dried Flowers

I have this tiny little vase that holds dried flowers and sometimes I add it to other still life paintings but not often because it gets lost with other objects. Sometimes it just wants to go sol, so I do a little portrait of it. They are never the same so seeing the outcome is always fun. This is like most of my days, I plan what I think I would like to do and usually it's a curve ball taking me in a different direction. Is there something that keeps you on the straight and narrow? Well, I do want to know in case I become organized. Waiting to hear from you as always.


  1. One of my all time fav colors and I love how you have painted this beauty of a vase.

    Straight and narrow - Nah - not me. I try and THINK I will do it but then the painting takes on a life of its own. I just saw a demo with everything carefully drawn out and then the artist started in a corner and moved slowly across. Wow - with brilliant results too.

  2. Had to smile at your comment Julie, I think I'm in your camp, what I think and what I get is sometimes a surprise.