Friday, January 29, 2016

Hidden/Shaw Island

A few years ago, a wonderful artist, Carolyn Buchanan took a group of artists island hopping for a week. Base Camp was Orcas and each day we would catch the ferry and have class for the day on another island. This was for watercolorist and beginners accepted. Well, I am not a watercolor artist but the trip was too good to pass on so I got supplies and off I went. It seemed everyone knew what they were doing but me. Best time ever! I used oil painting concepts which kept we somewhat from being a complete idiot so I painted my little heart out. Mostly I learned, never fear change, try something new and enjoy the moment. Okay, that was sometimes difficult but keep working and for goodness sake, maintain your sense of humor, that will get you through anything. Honest.


  1. Lovely atmospheric painting. I agree, humor will get you thru most situations and art principles meld with all media. Workshops are for pushing and learning anyway. Good for you for going and having a blast.
    I really like your trees from the previous post. Have a great weekend. You are almost finished with the challenge.

  2. The challenge is over and the start to another year. Here's to you Julie for your thoughtful incites and encouragement. Cheers.