Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Whaaat?? Another post?

Yes, another post and I am now up to date. Either you have it or you don't, just go with the program and all will work out. Yesterday I struggled and thought my painting days at come to an end and this morning after fixing yesterday's painting White Peach 7x5 oil, came together nicely, or I think so. What are your thoughts? Yep, still want to know


  1. I love the way it merges into the shadow and the soft edges of the pink. Yes...I agree, Blanche, it came together beautifully.
    I also think the way you did the crossword marks in the previous post was fabulous. Just those few small darks said exactly what it was. Clever!

  2. Thank you Julie, you make me want to continue to achieve better paintings. These are all small 5x7's.