Friday, January 22, 2016

Christine's Teapot

I love it when friends, family and sometimes total strangers get involved with my work. It's nice to know there is an interest out there. So, Christine suggested I paint a teapot, lord knows I have my fair share of them it is. I hope she likes it. What suggestions are you receiving and are you following up on them? Let me know.
I'm off to pull out a couple more teapots.


  1. A BLUE teapot. Such beautiful blues you used. Love it!
    I also like yesterdays painting.
    I don't seem to get suggestions but do have requests and my red teapot is being worked on already.

  2. I love your red teapot. Many of my friends are tea drinkers and teapot lovers including me. I really enjoy the interaction. Also love your comments.